Our organisation titled NAM DEMİR LTD STI. founded in 1950 ISTANBUL  is considered to be leading organisation in its work sector. We manufacture high  quality formwork spring clamps and tensioning tools, with an annual capacity of 5  million units. We’d like to remind you that %80 of this quality is exported to EC countries such as Spain and Italy, Germany and Azerbaijan.

The formwork Spring Clamps are strictly controlled for maximum security. Referring to their High-carbon spring coating with electrolysed galvanising; all of our products are maintenance free. We provide teamwork and effort in order to maximise our products quality in every possible time period. Therefore, please check our product.

Easy and quick in mounting/unloading
- High security, maintenance-free
- High-carbon spring coating with mechanical galvanizing to prevent it from rust.
- Specially hardened wedge
- Durable rivet, excellent capacity.

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